About The Company

The thought for coming up with CustomRus started when our co-founder was left dejected with the quality of Official Social Club T-shirts that was provided by the local vendor. The logo positions were out of sort and the t-shirts started fading away after 2-3 washes…

Our Story

CustomRus is a sole subsidiary of WEN Solutions Pvt. Ltd.¬†established in April 2015. Today’s business often requires you to represent yourself whether it’s at some local events, or some promotions. Your Identity is what you wear! We are providing Nepal’s first platform to make your own cool Custom Designs that represent your business. Isn’t it cool to have your own team’s T-shirt holding a cup of coffee that has your company’s logo? Or, holding a pen to jot down some awesome ideas and wear a thinking hat that all represent your firm.

We take suggestions and design inputs, so if you have some cool designs that you want the mass to be wearing, contact us and you would be earning a certain percentage of profit based on the sales chart.

Additionally, we come up with unique designs for the crowd. Wear that exclusive designs to brag about your favorite team or college gang. Our designs are exclusive, that is we do not print the same design all over again even when the stock runs out.

We are planning to stick to the custom designs and let the crowd know CustomRus as custom design company. We do not want to go to online sales business.